Girl or boy baby: In the past, the midwife mother used to tell in these ways whether she is son or daughter, was she really right?


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Skin changes

This is the initial change when a woman becomes pregnant. The midwife’s mother used to look at the skin of the women to tell the gender of the child. If the skin is dry then the son is considered and if the skin is oily, then the daughter will be.

In addition, if there is acne on the skin in pregnancy, it is considered a sign of having a daughter. It is believed that more oil is formed on the skin when you have a daughter.

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Pregnancy glow

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It is said that when there is a boy in the stomach, the mother’s face starts glowing. The glow in the face in pregnancy is called pregnancy glow. In the old days, the midwife mother used to see the glow of the pregnant woman’s face, whether she would have a son or a daughter.

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Hair texture

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The most common test to know about baby genders is hair texture. It is said that if the mother’s hair becomes dense in pregnancy, it means that the boy will. At the same time, if the hair becomes thin and the hair starts falling too much, then understand that the daughter is going to be.

A pregnant woman gaining weight in pregnancy means that there will be a girl, but if only the size of the abdomen is increasing, then it means that there will be a son.

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Foot temperature and size

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If in pregnancy your feet are getting colder than the rest of the days, then you can understand that a son is about to happen. At the same time, no change in the temperature of the feet can mean that there will be a daughter.

Changes in the size of the feet are also related to the gender of the baby. If the foot is almost doubled in size, it is considered a sign of having a son. If there is no change in it, then it is said that there will be a daughter.

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For women who have a headache for a while, this is a sign of a son. Sleeping position of pregnant woman can also reveal the gender of the baby. If a pregnant woman lies more on the right side, then there will be a son and if the left side is lying then there will be a daughter.

note : Science does not agree to find out the gender of the unborn baby on the basis of such changes and symptoms in pregnancy. Scientists say that there is no evidence that these signs can be known whether there is a boy or a girl in the stomach. These are all heard and heard and have no scientific basis.


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