Give such diet to the child in dengue fever, he will recover soon


Symptoms of dengue in children

Usually only mild symptoms of dengue fever are seen in young children. Moderate to severe symptoms can be seen in older children and adults.

Common signs and symptoms of dengue fever include fever higher than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, pain behind the eyes, in the joints, muscles and bones, severe headache, rash all over the body, light bleeding from the nose or gums, and easy bruising or Scratches are included.

Dengue fever is called ‘breakbone fever’ which sometimes causes severe pain in the bones and muscles. Bones do not break in this fever but the same pain occurs.

how to take care at home

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Ask the child to rest as much as possible. Paracetamol can be given to reduce fever and relieve pain, but do ask the doctor once.

Do not give the child ibuprofen, aspirin, or other medicines. To reduce dengue fever, apply a wet cloth on the skin.

diarrhea and vomiting

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Symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting are seen in dengue. Due to both of these, the amount of water in the body starts decreasing and dehydration happens, so try to keep giving more and more water and fluids to the child.

what to eat

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Do not stop breastfeeding if your baby has developed dengue fever. Mother’s milk has many properties that help the baby to fight diseases. In case of dengue, give fresh juice of papaya, orange and grapes to the child. You can also offer fresh vegetable soup. Coconut water can also be given to a sick child.

what kind of food not to feed

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Do not give junk food, fried food and sweet things to the child if he is in the grip of any disease, not only dengue.

In most cases, mild dengue fever subsides in a week or two, so take special care of the child’s diet for that time. Once a child has had dengue, he is now immune to this type of virus.


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