Give this healthy and tasty recipe to the children by making them in the lunch box for the whole week, there will be no need for market food


Every morning, there is only one concern in the mind of almost all the mothers that what to give in the tiffin to the child, which is tasty in food, as well as full of health and nutrition and the child can finish the entire tiffin. All of them want but it is not possible every time, so here we are telling about some healthy and tasty lunch box recipe ideas.
While preparing the lunchbox for the child, the most important thing is to have enough nutrients in the food. Therefore, make such recipes that include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals well in their tiffin box. All these work to improve the function of the body by increasing immunity.

monday lunchbox

Pack muffins made with oats, orange and raisins, as well as a cucumber-paneer salad for Monday’s tiffin. You can prepare muffins in advance during the weekend.

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tuesday dinner

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Packed cheela made of mixed vegetable and gram flour, along with fruit salad, give it to the child on Tuesdays. This is the best food for your kid’s tiffin.

Grate the vegetable and add it to the gram flour to make chilla, which is healthy as well as taste. Add fresh mint-coriander chutney with cheela.

what to give on wednesday

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Pasta with sprouts and an apple. By giving pasta once a week, the interest of the child will remain in the tiffin. Sprouts would be best for a healthy option with pasta.

Different types of beans can be used for sprouts. Kids will love the tempering of asafoetida and cumin seeds in the steamed sprouts.

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thursday lunch

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Corn and Paneer Beetroot Roll and Grapes. To make beetroot roll, add boiled beetroot pulp to the dough and knead it well and prepare paratha from it. Prepare its filling in favorite spices and spread it over the paratha and roll it.

Friday Lunchbox

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In Friday lunch, give oranges with cutlets prepared from spinach and boiled black gram. This tasty recipe for Friday is very easy, you can prepare it at night, just fry it lightly in the morning and put it in tiffin.

saturday lunchbox

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Tricolor Idli and Banana To make Tricolor Idli, first prepare the normal batter of Idli and separate it into three parts. Now leave beetroot juice in one, spinach juice in one and white in one. Healthy Tricolor Idli Batter is ready.

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what to feed on sunday

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To give healthy food on Sunday, give vegetable sandwich, egg and Kalinder. If you do not feel like making it, then you can feed curd with vegetable casserole. On this day the child is at home, so you can feed him by making any dish of his choice.

If there is an equal mixture of both taste and health in the children’s tiffin, then the child will also enjoy eating. This will also keep their health good. Therefore, while preparing tiffin, choose things rich in nutrients.


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