Gynecologist told the recipe to get pregnant early in PCOD, you should also take advantage


Nowadays the problem of PCOD is being seen a lot in women and due to this they are facing difficulty in getting pregnant. Gynecologist Dr. Archana says that getting pregnant in PCOD is a bit difficult because due to this, neither the eggs are formed properly in the ovary nor their size and quality are right.

PCOD is a condition caused due to hormonal imbalance, so due to this the periods are not regular. To get pregnant, it is very important to have a regular menstrual cycle, so women with PCOD have difficulty in conceiving and their body does not make the necessary hormones to conceive.

what to do

Women trying to conceive in PCOD are advised by Dr. Archana to get your hormonal checkup done first. This will tell which hormone is unbalanced in your body, due to which you are having trouble getting pregnant.

Hormonal tests are done on the second or third day of periods and on the basis of its report, it is known what are the problems with your hormones.

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what are the tests

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AMH, Thyroid, Prolactin, FSH, LH tests are done to know the level of hormones in the body. Treatment is given on the basis of these test reports.

also gave tips

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Doctor Archana has also given some tips to conceive in PCOD, which are as follows:

  • To get pregnant, you must first change your lifestyle. Keep your weight under control.
  • Avoid eating fried foods, sugar, white rice and all-purpose flour.
  • Include more and more green vegetables, grains and fruits in your diet.

best treatment for pcod

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Along with curing PCOD, exercise is very important to get pregnant. You must exercise for half an hour at least three or four times a week or else the medicines will also stop working.

tell home remedies

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To conceive of this hormonal disorder, Dr. Archana also suggested some home remedies. He said that apart from correcting diet, lifestyle and exercising, some home remedies can also prove beneficial for you.

To increase your fertility, you can drink linseed seeds, fenugreek water. Apart from this, medicines are given to improve the quality of the egg, which includes myoinsitol. To get pregnant in PCOD, it is necessary to normalize the level of vitamin D.

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What to do if it doesn’t work

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Doctor Archana says that if you are not able to get pregnant even after all this, then the doctor gives you ovulation inducing medicines to make the egg or to improve its size or quality. If even this does not work, then with the help of some injections, the process of pregnancy is started by preparing the egg inside the ovary.

If you want to talk to Dr. Archana Narula about any kind of problem related to PCOD or fertility, then you can call her on this number 011-41634773, 9717401375. His clinic address is – E-262, Basement Greater Kailash, Part-1, New Delhi – 110048


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