Hair starts coming on the face in pregnancy, is this change permanent?


Pregnancy is different for everyone. Some nine months pass very comfortably, while some have to face many problems. During this time many changes take place in the body of women. Hormone levels also fluctuate a lot during these nine months, due to which some women start getting more hair on the face and body.

Is it normal to have excessive hair in pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you will see changes in your hair. Some women’s hair texture completely changes, while some feel that their hair has become thick or more. However, new hair does not come in pregnancy and the existing hair also does not become thick. Instead, the growth phase of the hair gets lengthened due to the high production of estrogen hormone in the body.

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hair growth stage in pregnancy

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Generally, women lose 100 hairs in a day and 5 to 15 percent hair is in the resting phase while the rest is in the growth phase. After the resting phase, these hairs start falling after combing or shampooing.

At the same time, due to the increase in estrogen hormone in pregnancy, the growth phase becomes longer. This means that there is less hair fall right now, which makes your own hair look thicker.

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facial hair

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In pregnancy, you can see more hair not only on your head but also on your face or body and this is due to the increase of hormones called androgens. Keep in mind that none of these changes are permanent.

After the pregnancy is over, the hormone level in your body will be corrected and the hair on the face or body will stop. Your hair growth will be back to normal after 3 to 6 months of delivery.

Causes of unwanted hair in pregnancy

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Due to the increase in androgen hormones, unwanted hair starts coming, but there can be many other reasons, such as:

Many pregnant women are advised to take vitamins for nutrition. Hair growth also increases when the dosage of vitamins is high.

Latent hair follicles get activated due to increased progesterone hormone.

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stay away from these things

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You can take care of some things to avoid unwanted hair on the face or body during pregnancy. First of all, do not bleach the hair. They contain very strong chemicals that can penetrate the skin and reach the fetus. Although there is not much research available on the harm of bleach to the fetus, but it is better that you stay away from chemical things at this time.

Taking laser treatment to remove unwanted hair is not suitable in pregnancy. Due to hormonal fluctuations in the body, the laser will not be able to work on you.


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