Hanuman ji is considered very much, choose from his many names, one name for his son


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Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength and strength. It is believed that most of Hanuman ji is worshiped in Kali Yuga. You must also consider Hanuman ji very much. Hanuman ji has many names and he is called by different names in different parts of the country.

If you are also a devotee of Hanuman ji, then you can choose one of his names for your child. Here we are telling you some names of Hanuman ji, you can choose the name that you like.

What should the boys name

  • Anjaneya: Hanuman ji was the son of Mata Anjani, hence he is also called Anjaneya. Anjaneya is a very unique name for boys.
  • Chiranjeevi : We all know that Hanuman ji is immortal and no one can kill him. It is believed that even today, Hanuman ji is protecting the earth. One of the names of Hanuman ji is also Chingarjeevi. The name Chiranjeevi means one who is immortal and whom no one can kill.
  • Manojavya: Hanuman ji is the son of Pawan i.e. Vayu, so he is fast and moving like the wind. His Manojavya name means fast like the wind.
  • Brave: If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘Sh’ and you want to give him a name for Hanuman ji, you can name it Shur. This name means Veer.
  • Vijitendra: It is a little difficult to take this name of Lord Hanuman. The name Vijitendriya means one who controls his senses.
  • Ajesh: This name, starting with the letter ‘A’, means a joker and one who lives the juices of life.

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Boys name list in hindi

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  • Ritam: The name Ritam of Hanuman ji means holy work and beautiful.
  • Rudranas: Pawan son Hanuman is considered a part of Lord Shiva and hence he is also called Rudransh. You can give this holy name associated with Bholenath and Hanuman ji to your son.
  • Tejas: Hanuman ji is also known as Tejas. The meaning of name Tejas is “bright, luminous and full of brilliance”.
  • Bravery: Those who are fearless, mighty and brave are called Shaurya. Shaurya is a very unique and lovely name. You can name your son Shaurya.
  • Slow: It is a modern name. One who has indomitable courage is called Dheer.
  • Incomparable The one who has no comparison or in front of whom no one can stand, is called incomparable.

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Boys names in hindi

navbharat times
  • Anil : Starting with the letter ‘A’, this name means the God of the air, purest and the wind. The name Anil is very popular.
  • Mahadhyayut: The one whose form is illuminated with light and light is called Mahadhyut. Children, whose name is derived from the letter ‘M’, can be given the name of the headmaster. It is a mythological name.
  • Prabhave: This name means popular god, eminent, illustrious and majestic. You can name your son after Hanuman ji.


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