Hardik Pandya baby boy name: Like Hardik Pandya, you can also give a unique name to your son, just see the list of baby boy names


It is said that our name affects our life and our personality. This is the reason why parents want to choose the most adorable and unique name for their child. For this, they sometimes search the websites of baby names (baby boy names with a hindu), and sometimes find the name of their choice in children’s name books.
If a little guest is going to come to your house too, then you too must be looking for a name for him. After all, this is the most difficult and important thing that happens.
Like ordinary parents, celebrities also want to choose the most unique name for their children that Hardik Pandya, a member of the Indian cricket team, has also done something similar.
In the month of July last year, a son was born to Hardik Pandya. Hardik has chosen a very cute name for his son. His son’s name is not only cute but it also means very well.
Next, we will tell you the name of Hardik Pandya’s son as well as many more cute and unique names for baby boy. Out of this, you can choose any name you like for your son.

What is the name of Hardik Pandya’s son

In the year 2020, Hardik’s wife Natasha gave birth to a son. Hardik shared this news on Instagram. Hardik had also told the name of the son. His son’s name is Agastya.

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What is the meaning of the name Agastya

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The name of a great saint of South India was Agastya. Agastya Rishi has great importance in Hinduism. Along with this, the name Agastya means a wise person.

We have told you the names of Hardik Pandya’s son, now let’s know what can be more such cute names for baby boy.

baby names with letter a

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  • Atharva : Like Agastya, there is also the name Atharva. There is also a Veda in Hinduism by the name Atharva. Lord Ganesha is also known by the name Atharva.
  • Anav: Lord Ganesha is also known by the name Aanava. You can also choose this name for your son.

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baby boy name

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  • Aarush: This name would be nice too. Aarush name meanings is First ray of the Sun, Calm, Red, Brilliant. Surya Dev is also known by the name Aarush.
  • Other: This name means time, creeper, a vine, jasmine creeper.

Boys names with letter A

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  • Arin: Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit’s son’s name is also Arin. Meaning of the name Arin is full of happiness, having power like a mountain, peace and ray of the sun.
  • Obtained: You can also choose this name for your son. The meaning of name Adhrit is “one who has no restraint”.

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