Healthy lungs: Corona attacks the lungs, it is necessary to keep the children’s langs strong or else it will be difficult


Corona virus is a respiratory infection that also affects the lungs. Last year, patients recovering from corona had reported lung damage and now it is clear that the corona virus also affects the lungs.

Since the second wave of corona is now falling on children, the emphasis is now on increasing the immunity of children and bringing the vaccine as quickly as possible. Along with this, attention should be paid to making the lungs of children strong and healthy.

Yes, here we are telling you some easy tips and ways to make children’s lungs.

Keep away from cigarette smoke

To keep the lungs of children healthy, parents should first keep them away from cigarette smoke. If you smoke cigarettes, go away from children and smoke cigarettes on the terrace or balcony. Children’s lungs are not fully developed, so this second hand smoking can prove very harmful for them.

However, during this corona period you should also stop smoking cigarettes or else corona virus can prove fatal for you.

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Air pollution is dangerous

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Pollution in the air is nothing less than a poison for our health. Its worst effect is on the lungs of children. If you cannot completely ignore air pollution, try to keep the child away from contact with it.

Do not go with the child on the routes where there is a lot of traffic. Plant saplings in the house so that the air in the house is also pure.

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Exercise will help

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Exercise plays an important role in the development of healthy lungs. Teach children to exercise daily. Presently the lockdown and park etc. are all closed, so you can get the child to do a physical activity or exercise at home.

Lung strengthening and healthy exercise also helps a lot.

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Infection prevention

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Children’s immune system is not fully developed and their lungs are also small, so they develop an early infection and a cold. Washing hands before eating and after handwashing anything can reduce the risk of infection.

Food and sleep

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Diet is very important to keep the body healthy and strong. Include locks fruits and vegetables in the child’s mine. Feed them with vitamins A and C because it can reduce the effect of air pollution.

Teach your child healthy eating habits so that they do not have any health problems later.

In addition to eating, healthy lugs also require adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can increase the risk of colds and flu-like infections, and not sleeping properly can lead to severe respiratory diseases. This can also affect the child’s brain development and learning ability.


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