How to conceive: Baby plan is doing in Corona’s time, try these easy tricks to get pregnant soon


Do you want to be a mother now

A study conducted on 2,000 women abroad in the month of May last year found that about 34% of women still do not want to become mothers due to the corona epidemic.

We are still unaware of many things related to corona regarding pregnancy. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a report in June last year stating that pregnant women are at greater risk of causing severe symptoms due to corona. However, it was also found that the risk of dying from the disease is not high among corona positive pregnant women.

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It is important to keep yourself active

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People sitting at home in lockdown have become lazy and are not doing any physical activity. If you want to conceive, then change this habit now. Do at least 45 to 60 minutes of exercise or any physical activity throughout the day. The body remains active even with household chores. You can also do light exercise or walking or yoga.

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It is important to stay away from stress

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Stress has an effect on your fertility and your chances of getting affected start affecting. Along with being physically fit, it is also important to be mentally healthy. Don’t let Corona’s stress dominate you and be as happy as possible.

Listen to songs you like and spend time with your partner. Women get a lot of happiness by spending time with their husband and this happiness will also increase your chances of conceiving.

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What to do soon

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You should start preparing yourself for healthy pregnancy and baby very much in advance. Quit cigarettes and alcohol for about 6 months before conceiving. Increase the amount of folic acid in food and supplements can also be taken.

Take vitamin D with doctor’s advice. You can also take some vitamin D from the sun. Take a healthy diet and reduce caffeine. Keep control of your weight at this time and do not allow too much weight or else it may be difficult to conceive.

IVF expert doctor Suchi Kalia says that women should take care of their ovulation period and build relationships in the meantime. This increases the chances of conceiving significantly.


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