Husband sleeps all day, then wife will get pregnant soon, claims in research


Women trying to conceive do everything possible to increase their fertility. From fertility-enhancing foods, she tries a variety of exercises and probably leaves no stone unturned to help her become a mother.

But do you know that your husband’s sleep also helps you in getting pregnant? Yes, a study has revealed that your partner’s sleep timing can increase or decrease your chances of getting pregnant.

What does the study say

According to this study conducted by Lauren Wise of Boston University School of Public Health and her co-researchers, men who get seven to eight hours of sleep have increased fertility and motility of sperm.

This research was done by Vice and his colleagues on 790 couples planning a baby. These couples were asked some questions related to their sleep patterns and lifestyle.

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When does fertility decrease

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Researchers followed up the couples for a year and found out how often these couples conceived. It was found that men who slept less than 6 hours or more than nine hours, their partner was 45% less likely to get pregnant than men who slept eight hours.

Vice and His notice that men who had trouble falling asleep had a hard time becoming fathers.

Testosterone level may be the reason

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The chances of a female partner getting pregnant from a male’s sleeping cycle may be related to the level of testosterone. Although testosterone levels were not measured in this study, this hormone plays an important role in the reproductive process.

Any health problem can also affect sleep and fertility. If you are trying to conceive, take care of your health and that of your partner. On the other hand, getting better and adequate sleep increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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Keep these things in mind while conceiving

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First of all, you should know that trying to get pregnant for 6 months to a year is normal. If you are not able to conceive even after trying for 12 monthly cycles, then it is a matter of concern.

You also need to understand the right time to conceive in order to conceive. The egg starts developing from the second day of the menstrual cycle and the egg ovulates on the 13th to the 14th day of the period. This is called a fertile window. The time between 10 to 18 days is crucial in conceiving.

Healthy lifestyle is essential

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Doctor Sonia Chawla says that it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to conceive. Both men and women lead a healthy life and eat a balanced diet. This helps a lot in getting pregnant quickly. Include minerals and antioxidants in your diet and reduce stress.

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