If you are getting these signs, then understand that there has been a lack of this essential thing in the body of the baby.


Babies need a lot of care and nutrition and their only source of nutrition is breast milk. Until one year after birth, the baby gets most of its nutrition from the mother’s milk.

A baby’s weight as a grown-up is not the only indication that the baby is healthy. There may also be a lack of water in the child’s body. Detecting dehydration in a baby can be a bit tricky. But if you are seeing the signs mentioned here in your baby, then understand that he is dehydrated.

dryness of the mouth or skin

The most prominent sign of dehydration is dryness or dryness of the mouth, lips and face. This can also cause the skin to break out. Hands and feet feel cold due to lack of water. Never ignore this symptom.

If you see these signs, feed your baby and take good care of him.

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Tears not coming out when crying

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Tears start coming out when the baby is a little older. When there is a lack of water in the body, tears cannot be made. This is a clear indication that the child needs nutrition. With this sign, you can understand that there is a lack of water in the child’s body.

diapers not getting wet

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In the first 6 months, the baby needs to change 5 to 6 diapers in a day. However, if you are changing fewer diapers a day or your baby is passing urine less often, your baby may not be getting enough food.

Apart from this, a change in the color of urine is also a sign. Due to dehydration, the color of urine can be dark yellow which is normal.

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baby sleeps too much

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Like adults, when children do not get enough nutrition, they start feeling more tired than normal and because of this they keep sleeping and resting. Keep an eye on the baby’s sleep routine. Do not ignore the excessive sleep of the baby.

baby irritability

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When a child is dehydrated or hungry, he may become irritable and cry. That’s why a crying baby is pacified by feeding it milk. However, there are many other reasons why a child is irritable, which you have to understand.

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How to overcome lack of water

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A baby up to 6 months of age gets water as well as other essential nutrients from breast milk. From 6 months onwards, you can also give water to your baby. With this, the lack of water in the child’s body can be fulfilled.

Give breast milk to the child several times a day and if the child has started drinking water, then keep giving him water in a little while throughout the day.

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