If you eat poppy seeds during pregnancy, the child will not have this problem, the mother will also be happy


Poppy seeds are very much liked in India and let us tell you that they are also very good for pregnant women. The chemical beta sitosterol present in poppy seeds increases fertility. It also affects the estrogen hormone. Poppy seeds also play an important role in ovulation, which increases the chances of pregnancy. Therefore, if you want to become pregnant or are pregnant then you can consume poppy seeds.

Is it safe to consume poppy seeds during pregnancy?

Whatever food pregnant women take, the amount of nutrition should be very high. At the time of feeding, they should take fresh and nutritious food. Protein is found in abundance in poppy seeds. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore it is beneficial for pregnant women. Many gynecologists recommend pregnant women to take poppy seeds.

benefits of poppy seeds during pregnancy

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The chemicals found in these have antioxidant property which is very beneficial for health. Essential oil and 50% fat, unsaturated fatty acids are also found in very high amounts in poppy seeds.

Their consumption increases HDL level and decreases LDL level. It is also rich in fiber and protein, which help in the cleansing of internal organs. It helps pregnant women in problems like constipation. It contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, folic acid, pantothenic, niacin etc. which are an excellent source of energy.

harm caused by poppy seeds

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Along with the advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Poppy seeds have high optic concentration. The narcotics found in this codeine should be avoided, as it can bring complications in pregnancy.

Excessive consumption of these can cause problems in breathing to the unborn baby. Toxins are also found in poppy seeds which can be dangerous for mother and baby. From this it is decided that poppy seeds should not be consumed in large quantities during pregnancy.

Poppy seeds are found in which foods?

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Almost all types of backed items that are available in the market are made from poppy seeds. They are used in large quantities in countries like the United States. There, poppies are used in salad dressings, bread leaves, rolls, cakes, muffins, pastries. It is also used in different types of desserts. While taking any packaged item, you should check the ingredients present in it.

poppy seed substitutes

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If a pregnant woman loves poppy seeds, then you should not consume them too much, instead you can use some alternatives like chia seeds. It tastes like poppy seeds. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber and nutrition.

There is no harm in consuming it. The use of chia seeds has also started increasing in all types of baking food. Flaxseed is another alternative to poppy seed. They are also used in baked and packaged food. Along with these two, you can also use hemp, nigella, sassame seeds as an alternative to poppy seeds. They also have the same nutritional value and taste.

During pregnancy, you should take every step carefully. Papi seeds have advantages as well as disadvantages, so do not consume them in large quantities. Instead of these, their alternative can also be consumed.


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