If you feed the baby, then think before eating spicy food, it should not be heavy on the child.


Eating spicy food during pregnancy is prohibited as they harm the health of the baby. But before starting to eat spicy food again after childbirth, it should be known that what will happen if spicy food enters the baby’s stomach through breastfeeding? Should lactating women eat spicy food or not? Let’s know about it.

Can I eat spicy food?

If spicy food is eaten in moderation, then it is not harmful for the baby. Yes, if a lactating mother consumes spicy food in excess, it can be harmful to the baby through milk. The food taken by the mother can also cause gas problem in the baby, so keep a list of the food eaten by you so that it will be easy to find out which food the baby is allergic to.

Many nutritionists have found that mothers who include a variety of food in their diet while breastfeeding, their babies do not have much problem when starting solid food.

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Does Spicy Food Affect Breastmilk?

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The first question that comes to the mind of most lactating mothers is that by eating spicy food, does the breast milk also turn spicy? It is also correct to think, because formula milk babies do not experience different types of tastes, because the taste of formula milk is always the same, but when it comes to breastmilk, its taste depends on the mother’s diet. . The taste of breast milk is also affected by different flavors of food.

Bad effect on a child who drinks spicy food

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Spicy food when ingested through milk can have a bad effect on some children. For example, having allergies, stomach cramps, gas problems, etc.

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How to know if baby is sensitive to spicy food?

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After a few hours of breastfeeding, the baby cries loudly and does not calm down even on silence, diarrhea, especially when the mother has consumed spicy food. Red rash on the body of the child.

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When should I start?

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When to start spicy food after delivery? There is no fixed time for this. Some women start eating spicy food a few days after delivery in very limited quantities. At the same time, some women wait for a few days. But the consumption of spicy food should be started only when the child grows up a little and his health becomes good, so that if the child has any kind of allergy to the food, then the child can recover quickly.

Whether it is during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, the diet of the mother at both times has a very profound effect on the health of the child, so keeping in mind the health of the child, the mother should always take such a diet that does not harm the child. Don’t be harmed


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