If you want qualities like Lord Ram in your son, then you will definitely like this baby name.


Lord Rama is worshiped all over the world. However, everywhere Lord Rama is known by a different name. He has many popular names and you can name your child any one of the many names of Lord Rama.

Here we are telling you about some popular names of Lord Ram for boys, you can choose the name that you like.

baby names in the name of lord ram

  • Paraksh: This name starting with the letter ‘P’ means bright, shining and auspicious. If you believe in Lord Rama or want to see qualities like Lord Rama in your son, then you can name him Paraksha.
  • Ayansh: Lord Rama is also known by the name Ayansh. Ayansh name meanings is First ray of light, Part of one’s parents, Gift of God, Brightness or radiance of Sun and Sun.

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  • Shriyansh: This name means one who is born with the part of Goddess Lakshmi. You can name your son as Shriyansh.
  • Kyansh: A person who has all kinds of qualities and who is endowed with all good qualities, is called Kiyansh.
  • Requested: If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘Na’, you can name him Nirved. The gift of God is called Nirveda. At the same time, the child born in the month of November is also called Nirved.

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  • Aarav : This name starting with the letter ‘A’ means peaceful, calm person, sound and calm in nature. The name of the son of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is also Aarav.
  • Jitendra: This name of boys is kept a lot in the olden days. You can call it the traditional name. Jitendra name meanings is Conqueror of the senses, Simple person and brilliant.
  • Parag: Parag means uplifter of the poor, spelled and easily remembered. You can name your son Parag. This name has the same qualities as Lord Rama.

boys names in hindi 2021

  • Worried : If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘P’, then you can name him Paresh. Meaning of Paresh is Lord of the Gods, Simple person and one who stands the test of time.
  • Raghav : Lord Rama is also known as Raghav. The meaning of name Raghav is belonging to Raghu caste, genealogy, modernity and it refers to a class. This is one of the most popular names of Lord Rama for children.

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  • Raghubir: Raja Ram is also known as Raghubir. Raghubir name meanings is Courageous, Brave and courageous.
  • Unauthorized: There is also an Anikrata with many names of Lord Rama. The meaning of name Anikrat is “Son of intelligent and high caste”.
  • Ekram: The name Ekram starting with the letter ‘A’ means respect and respect. Devotees of Lord Rama can name their son as Ekram.


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