In caesarean operation, the mother feels pain, but the child also has to bear all this


Caesarean delivery or C-section delivery is a surgical procedure to give birth to a baby. Caesarean delivery is done if there is any difficulty in having a natural delivery, such as the baby is not in the right position in the stomach, there is any problem in the health of the mother, or the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s body in this situation. But during pregnancy, both mother and child do not have any kind of problem, so in this situation normal delivery is a safer solution than caesarean delivery. The effects of a C-section delivery are on both the mother and the baby and may be of a shorter or longer duration.

C-section and baby

The baby born by caesarean delivery may have to face health problems later than normal delivery.

How does C section affect the baby?

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Although C-section delivery at the last moment can be a life-saving method for your baby, but sometimes it can also put the baby in danger which can cause lifelong problems for the baby.

respiratory problems

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During labor, the baby’s lungs develop to breathe freely in the outside environment, so this problem is found very rarely in a child born by natural delivery, whereas in the womb due to the absence of labor in caesarean delivery. No stress is created and the baby is more prone to respiratory problems after birth.

Mother’s first condensed milk During one hour after birth, mother’s milk is extremely beneficial for the baby, which is not available to the children born by caesarean on time, as well as late milk comes to the mother after giving birth by C-section. .

Babies born by C-section have a higher risk of developing asthma than babies born through normal delivery.

underdeveloped immune system

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During normal delivery, the baby comes into contact with friendly bacteria present in the mother’s birth canal. These bacteria get colonized in the baby’s stool which makes the baby’s immune system stronger. Babies born by C-section, especially in emergencies (such as water leaking out of an amniotic fluid sac) are not exposed to this bacteria and may develop health problems later on.

injury to the baby during caesarean

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It is rare but can cause injury to the baby during a caesarean delivery, especially if the doctor is less experienced, an emergency C-section is required during labor, or the water bag has already ruptured.

So these were some of the factors that affect the baby born by caesarean section. Normal delivery is safer than caesarean, so as long as possible normal delivery should be preferred.


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