In the lockdown, the children locked in the house have lost their friendship, only the parents will have to entertain


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The lockdown caused by Corona has made people far away from each other and due to this children have missed school, college and tuition. The world of children is now confined to the four walls of the house. Now children only interact with their family and pets. At the same time, many health problems are increasing due to this unusual situation and it is also having a bad effect on the social behavior of children.

Due to the closure of schools, parks, tuition, children are completely away from their friends and this is affecting their social behavior.

social life is important

According to popular Maslow states, social life is very important for human beings and it is necessary to develop emotional relationships to grow to their potential. At the same time, social life becomes even more important for children, but this epidemic has isolated children, which is hindering the intellectual and emotional stability of children. The biggest impact of this is on the mental health of children.

In such a situation, it is the parents who have to be the social, emotional and mental support of the children.

stay in touch

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Instead of social distancing, the word physical distancing can be used. Teach your child to stay in touch with your friends through social media platforms like video calls or chats. At the same time, a group of friends can play a game online or do an activity together.

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hand write letter

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In the olden days, letters were used to stay close to the heart and even today they are very important. A letter would look better than an email, text message or chat. You ask your child to write a letter for your close friend and there is no need to post it. You can send this to the child’s friend through WhatsApp.

play and learn

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Playing games is an educational and psychological way to develop social and cognitive skills. Parents play board games for their kids. This will also give you special family time. One can also play a game that requires a lot of skills. This will develop the cognitive skills of the child.

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cook together

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Getting kids to do kitchen chores can help build confidence, enhance basic skills, and boost mood through fun activities. Teach children small kitchen tasks. Tell them about a new vegetable, fruit or recipe and ask them to test a new ingredient.

Children enjoy decorating special dishes like pizza or cake. Whenever a child does something well, do not forget to praise him.

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read books

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Incorporate reading books into your children’s routine. After reading the book, ask the child about its story. Tell them about special experiences in your life. Children will get to learn a lot from this.

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