In this list of Punjabi girl names, each one is very beautiful


Punjabi names are also very much liked. There is a separate list of Punjabi names for baby girl. Yes, Punjabi names are different from other names. It is not necessary that you should look for Punjabi name for your daughter only if you are Punjabi, anyone can keep this name. So let’s see the list of Punjabi names for baby girl.

punjabi name in hindi

  • Amritpreet: This Punjabi name is for girls. The meaning of name Amritpreet is “lover of immortal nectar”. You can choose this Punjabi name for your daughter.
  • Avneet: This Punjabi name for girls is very cute. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’, then you can name her as Avneet. Avneet name meanings is Humble and kind.

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punjabi girl names list

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  • Followed: This name is too good. The meaning of name Anureet is “culture”. You can also choose the name Anureet for your daughter.
  • Ashima: You might like this name starting with letter ‘A’. The meaning of name Ashima is protector, infinite and limitless.
  • Love Jyoti: The name Premjyoti is also very popular among Punjabi names. The meaning of name Premjyoti is “light of love”.

punjabi baby girl names

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  • Parvinder: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘P’, then you can see the name Parvinder. The name Parvinder is related to God.
  • Invitation: The name starts with the letter ‘N’. The meaning of name Nimrati is “half night of nectar vela”. If you are looking for a name for a daughter, then you can look up the name Nimrati.
  • Mehr: This is also a Punjabi name. Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia’s daughter’s name is Meher. The meaning of name Mehr is grace, mercy and grace.

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punjabi baby girl names 2021

  • Manrit: The name Manreet is also very much liked in Punjabis. The meaning of name Manreet is “one performed by the heart” or “the ritual performed by the heart”.
  • Lovely: This modern and unique name and this Punjabi name has been preferred over the years. The meaning of name Lavleen is “to be absorbed in love”.
  • Jasprit: People are using this Punjabi name of girls for years. The meaning of name Jaspreet is love or glory of love.

girls name list 2021

  • Ishleen: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘E’, then you can name her Ishleen. Ishleen name meanings is Almighty.
  • Noor : If you want to name the daughter with ‘No’, then you can choose the name Noor. Noor name meanings is Angel and Light.

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girl names list in hindi

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  • Anahita: You may also like this name. Anahita name meanings is Lovely, Beautiful, Graceful, Pleasant and delightful.
  • Avnoor: This Punjabi name means beautiful, lovely and pleasing to the mind. You might like the name Avnoor in the list of Punjabi names for daughter.


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