Indian parents unknowingly make these mistakes with their daughters, regretting knowing


Whatever children learn, they learn from their parents. Their behavior and how to behave in any situation, all these things children learn from their parents. This is how the personality of children develops. Whatever you say, whatever you do, all those children observe and then they start doing the same.

At the same time, there are some things that daughters learn while some things sons learn. In this article we are telling you what daughters learn from their parents.

How children’s behavior is affected

According to a study published in the Journal Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review in the year 2020, the behavior of parents depends on the gender of the child. Based on 45 previous studies, researchers said that parents unknowingly treat sons and daughters differently. Even though they consider son and daughter equal, but still there is a difference in their behavior.

There is more talk on social issues

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Parents talk more on social issues with daughters than with sons. On the other hand, sons are talked more about science. This clearly sends the message that girls should pay more attention to social issues while boys need to focus on learning.

This result was published in the British Study in 2003. It looked at the talking patterns of more than 50 parents and children and found that talking about the science of parents bore daughters.

girls look sad

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On the other hand, when it comes to emotions, girls are always considered sad and boys are angry. In a study published in the American Psychological Association, parents said that sons and daughters have different emotions.

The surprising thing was that the parents did not even know that they were behaving differently with their children. He himself had experienced something like this in his childhood and unknowingly did the same to his children. From this his children also learned the same thing.

play peace games with daughter

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The type of game you play with children also reveals gender discrimination. Studies say that parents play more tough games with sons than with daughters. At the same time, fathers were more involved in games with children than mothers. They are more involved in peaceful sports and activities with girls.

consider daughters soft

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This shows that parents consider daughters soft and sons tough and treat them accordingly. In all this, the attention of parents does not go to the fact that they unknowingly discriminate on the basis of gender.

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