Injections are taken daily in IVF, you may be afraid to hear the side effects


When women are unable to conceive naturally, they are used to conceive with the help of fertility treatments, of which IVF is the most popular. If you are not able to conceive naturally, then IVF is not less than a boon for you but it also has some side effects.

Some stimulation drugs and injections are given during IVF which can have some side effects. Stimulation helps the body to produce as many eggs as possible for the IVF cycle.

In this article, we are telling you what are the side effects of drugs taken in IVF treatment.

what happens with ivf injection

Many injections are given to women during IVF treatment, which can cause swelling at the injection site, ovarian hyperstimulation and ectopic pregnancy. In some rare cases, twins or even triplets can be born.

side effects of hcg injection

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During IVF treatment, women are given hCG injections, due to which they may complain of irritability, pain to the breast, heat, headache, nausea and blurred vision.

What does HCG hormone do?

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Human chorionic gonadotropin is called hCG. HCG is used for egg release during ovulation and for final maturation. HCG is used for egg preparation prior to clomiphene or gonadotropin cycle or IVF retrieval.

How is the effect of IVF

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You may gain some weight while taking IVF treatment. Hormone injections can have an effect on weight and appetite. Apart from this, depending on how many eggs are developing in the ovary or mild hyperstimulation in the ovary, you may have the problem of flatulence. All this is normal and it gets better within a few weeks of the next menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

stomach is bad

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Some women taking IVF have also complained of diarrhea or constipation. During this treatment, you should drink plenty of water and eat fiber-rich things so that digestion remains fine.

have injections

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In IVF, injections are given every day to stimulate follicles and control ovulation. It is different for every woman, the medicine in the injection and the number of times to be injected. At the same time, a blood test is also done to check the level of hormones at the time of treatment.

stress is too much

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You can also feel emotional because of hormones. Some women have also talked about pregnancy brain during IVF. They say that after taking IVF treatment, they have a lot of tension about their career, results and impact of the treatment. Due to this, they are unable to concentrate on work or forget things.


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