Kareena Kapoor has trouble with Taimur and Jeh, the problem is such that every mother will do it


Currently, Kareena Kapoor Khan is very busy raising her two sons. The way Kareena has handled Taimur with her busy schedule and is now taking care of Jeh too, she is indeed a source of inspiration for working mothers.

Often the biggest complaint of mothers in raising their children is that their child shows a lot of tantrums in eating and Kareena is also struggling with trouble.

In one of her interviews, Kareena revealed that out of her two sons, who spreads more food and who is more wicked.

Taimur or Jeh – who spreads the food

Talking about Taimur and Jeh’s food, Kareena told that when Jeh has just started eating solid food and whenever he eats, he definitely throws it all over himself. He has a habit of dropping food from head to toe. Bebo says that Jeh is a little devil when it comes to food.

how is taimur

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On the other hand, Kareena says about Taimur’s habits that he is very active and does not sit in one place. He is always jumping from one place to another. Taimur doesn’t even sit for a minute. Kareena says that she always tells Taimur to chill a bit.

So what do parents do

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If your child also spreads food like Jeh Ali Khan, there are some easy ways you can stop him from doing so, such as:

  • Give food as a stris or finger food. Keep the food in such a way that the child does not need a spoon. This method can help when the child is learning to eat on his own.
  • Whenever the child eats food without spreading, praise him. Tell him that this time he has eaten perfectly.

advice to parents

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You also eat food with the child. By watching you eat, the child will also learn to eat. But keep in mind that it will take some time for the child to learn this skill.

When the child spreads the food, you should be a little calm and do not scold him.

Taimur is worried

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Kareena told that she is always worried about Taimur’s bedtime. According to her, she cannot put much pressure on her son in terms of sleep.

At the same time, Kareena is also troubled by a habit of her husband Saif. Actually, Saif wants Taimur to stay up late at night so that he can get a chance to spend time with him and both of them can watch movies. However, for online school in the morning, Kareena wants Taimur to sleep early.

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