Kareena kapoor son: Kareena gets happy seeing Taimur’s face, know how children become the basis of parents’ happiness


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It is said that just seeing the smiling face of the children, the tiredness of the parents gets removed from the day. To a large extent this is also true and almost every parent would agree with this.
If you are also a parent, then you must have also felt that seeing your child happy, all your stress and worries also go away. As children, they are so cute that seeing their cute faces makes your whole day.
Parents cannot deny that children are the reason for them to end stress and whenever they feel low or sad, they spend time with their children.
Like ordinary parents, celebrities also feel the same way. Recently, Kareena Kapoor has shared something like this on Instagram, which once again proves that after the arrival of children, the happiness of parents revolves around them.
Next, we are telling you about Kareena’s post and will also know how the life of parents changes after the arrival of the children.

kareena’s post

Kareena has shared a video of her elder son Taimur Ali Khan on Instagram. On this video, Kareena has given the caption ‘The one who cures my mood swings’.

Now from this caption of Kareena, you can clearly understand that seeing son Taimur, Kareena’s bad mood also gets cured.

This happens with every parent

navbharat times

Not only Kareena but every parent forgets their trouble or stress after seeing their child. If you are also a parent, then you will also agree with this caption of Kareena.

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Research also claims

navbharat times

In 2014, researcher Ruth Feldman of Israel and Yale School of Medicine conducted a test with her colleagues. They made 89 new parents sit in a room and took samples of their oxytocin hormone (released when happy).

video record

navbharat times

While talking to their newborn children, the video of these parents was also recorded. The researchers then placed the parents on an MRI machine and replayed their earlier video.

happy parents

navbharat times

While showing the video, it was noticed that compared to other children, watching the video of their child made oxytocin hormone in the body of the parents, which made them feel happy.

Now you understand that every parent feels happy like Kareena after seeing their child.


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