Kashmiri baby names: These Kashmiri names of boys and girls, brought from beautiful Kashmir from heaven, if you like, choose it for your child


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Kashmir is very special for India because its beauty and culture work to increase the pride of our country. People from all over the country love the culture of Kashmir and the name Kashmiri is also very much liked.

Those who are influenced by the culture and people of Kashmir can choose the Kashmiri name for their children. Here we are going to tell you some of the most beautiful Kashmiri names. From these, you can give the name to your child, choosing the name of your choice.

Name list of girls

  • Aisha: It is a Muslim name but Hindu people can also give their children the name Aisha. The name Aisha means life and life.
  • Ishal: This is a very elegant name. The name Ishal is derived from Urdu. Starting with the letter ‘E’, this name means a flower blossoming in heaven or heaven.
  • Gauhar: It is a Muslim name whose origins are believed to be in Persia. The name Gauhar means precious gem or gem. You can name your daughter as Gauhar.
  • Inaaya: The name Einaya is derived from the name Einayat. It is an Arabic name meaning to bring up, care for and care for someone.

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Girls name list in hindi

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  • Kashifa: Kashifa is a Muslim name and the origin of this name is believed to be from Arabic. The name Kashifa means one who is in front of everyone and who does not hide anything from anyone.
  • Work This is a very beautiful and unique name. Kayanat means the whole world or which contains everything. You can give this lovely name to your daughter.
  • Lakshita: It is a Kashmiri name which means different, unique and unique from others.

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Boys name list in hindi

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  • Hallo: It is a Kashmiri name starting with the letter ‘A’. The name Abhinand means to rejoice, celebrate, welcome or please.
  • Monosyllabic: It is one of the names of Lord Shiva and means one with eyes. You can name your son Ekaksha to seek blessings from God.
  • Kavin: Can choose this Kashmiri name for boys. The name Kavin means beautiful and beautiful.
  • Rehab: It is an Arabic name which means liberal or open minded. It is considered very good for boys to have a name with such a meaning.

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Boys names in Hindi with meanings

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  • Satyen: The name starts with the Sanskrit language, starting with the letter ‘S’. The name Satyen means true speaker and god of truth. If you want your son to follow the path of truth, then Satyen can be a good choice.
  • Jubin: It is a Persian name which means to touch the sky. If you want your son to touch the heights of the sky, you can name him Zubin.
  • Mahabir: This Kashmiri name means brave and courageous. If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘M’, then you can name him Mahbir.


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