Katrina kaif name meaning : She is very beautiful like Katrina, her name means, see such trendy and modern names for daughter


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The name Katrina is of German origin. The name is derived from the German word Katherine. The lucky number of this name is 11. People with this number are highly knowledgeable and have a strong sense of spirituality.

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Meaning of the name Katrina

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This name starting with the letter ‘K’ means pure, pious, pure, genuine and true. Now you must also be thinking that Katrina Kaif’s name is not only cute but it also means very well.

Let us now know what can be modern and trendy names like Katrina for baby girl.

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  • Eslin: You can name your darling baby girl as Eslin. The meaning of name Esslin is “vision and dream”.
  • Ivana: Like Katrina, the name Ivana is also very unique. Ivana name meanings is Royal lady, Peace loving and Beautiful.

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