Kidney stone treatment: If you are suffering from the pain of stones in pregnancy, then what is safe for mother and child?


In the pain of stones, infection of the cholecystitis bacteria causes inflammation in the bile duct, due to which this pain starts increasing. Many therapists use natural methods to treat stones. If the pain of the stone increases too much, then many times the gall bladder is also removed. But due to the exit of the gall bladder, other types of problems can also come in pregnancy. Let us know how to get rid of the pain of gall bladder during pregnancy.

cholestasis pregnancy treatment

In this treatment, your doctor will give you ursodeoxycholic acid (INN, BAN, AAN) and ursodiol (Actigol, Urso). These medicines are especially given when the pain of stones or the itching in it increases very much in women.

These medicines can also help in getting rid of gall bladder pain. If you want, you can contact your gynecologist.

normal delivery

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Having cholestasis can increase the risk of pregnancy, so doctors act very carefully. If the baby is absolutely healthy, then doctors recommend normal delivery, otherwise the option of caesarean can also be selected for this.

Many times the doctor may also do premature delivery to remove the risk of gall bladder pain.

home treatment

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Due to the discomfort in the gall bladder, women also have the problem of itching during pregnancy. You can use lukewarm water to get rid of this itching. But remember not to use hot water as it can harm your baby.

Medicines for itching such as antihistamines and hydrocortisone creams are usually used. They are not able to help in gall bladder skin itching during pregnancy, but they can be harmful for your baby, so try to stay away from them.

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gall stone treatment

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If a woman has a stone during pregnancy but it is not causing much pain, then the doctor may advise to proceed with the pregnancy along with the gall stone and wait.

But if the pain increases in the gall bladder, then the gall stone empties the bladder completely. There may also be a risk of infection from this. In such a situation, doctors can advise surgery even during pregnancy. Other types of surgery are dangerous in pregnancy, but the gall bladder can be safely removed from the body of women during pregnancy. The doctor can give you such advice according to the situation.

Gallbladder surgery is common

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Surgery to remove the gall bladder is a very minor surgery. There is no particular danger in this. The doctor gives you such advice according to the situation. This surgery is similar to appendix removal.

Generally, only two types of surgery have been seen during pregnancy, first is appendix removal, second is gall bladder removal surgery. If your pain also increases excessively, then you can consult your doctor about this.

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Take special care of diet

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Whether you have problems related to gall bladder during pregnancy or not, you should try to take care of your diet a little so that problems like gall bladder stones can be got rid of. Eat fiber-rich things as much as possible.

Try not to take such food at all in which the amount of fat is very high. Along with this, try to keep your body hydrated. All these can help you to get rid of the problem of gall bladder.


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