Know what and how much should be, the diet of a child from newborn to one year old


According to the age and needs of the child, parents have to be very careful about his feeding schedule. In the beginning, the stomach of a newborn baby is very small and can drink only one to one and a half teaspoons of milk at a time.

With the growth and development of the baby, his stomach also grows. Since the baby develops very quickly, it becomes difficult for the parents to understand how much food their baby needs.

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Newborn baby needs to be fed at least 8 to 12 times a day in the first week after birth. Do not leave the baby without feeding for more than 4 hours. As the baby grows, his need for milk will also increase and now he will start drinking more milk in less time. At this time you can make the feeding pattern for the baby.

baby feeding pattern

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By the way, the feeding pattern of every child is different. Most babies of 1 to 3 months have to feed 7 to 9 times a day, 3 to 6 months baby have to feed 6 to 8 times a day and after 6 months of age, the baby has to feed 6 times a day. Have to drink.

When the baby is 12 months old, he needs to feed only 4 times a day because at this time the baby is also taking solid food for nutrition.

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bottle-fed children

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Babies who are bottle-fed need to drink milk every two to three hours a day. After the baby is two months old, feeding is done in 3 to 4 hours. A baby of 4 to 6 months has to be fed every 4 to 5 hours and then every 4 to 5 hours after 6 months of age.

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what not to feed to a newborn

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Babies under one year old should not be given any liquids other than formula milk. They should not be given water, juice or cow’s milk. Due to this, the child will not be able to get proper and adequate nutrition and his stomach may get upset. Water can be started after the baby is 6 months old.

How to know if baby is hungry

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Premature babies and children with any medical condition should be fed milk on time. When hungry, the baby gives some signals, which the mother gradually starts understanding herself.

When the baby is hungry, he gives signals like putting his hand on the mouth, sucking the finger, opening the mouth or crying.

At the same time, many times the mother feeds the baby too much milk, which can upset the child’s stomach or may also cause gas or vomiting. These children are at risk of becoming obese later on.

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