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It is necessary to keep children in a little discipline i.e. discipline. It helps the children to become a better person in their future and later on.

But today in the age of social media it has become very difficult to keep children in discipline. If you are also a parent, then you will agree that keeping children in discipline is not an easy task.

If you also want to keep your child in discipline, then the methods given by the experts here can be very useful for you.

Must have attachment first

Before teaching discipline to the child, you need to know how the relationship between the child and you is. Whatever method you take to discipline your child, strengthen your bond with the child first.

You will be able to control the behavior of the child only when the relationship between both of you is strong. It is not necessary that one method should work on every child, but by fixing your relationship with children, your work will become easier.

silently ask questions

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If you see a child secretly eating candy or chocolate, do not shout at him immediately, but raise the child in such a way that he himself comes and tells you about his mistake. Try that the child shares everything with you and even if he does some work secretly, then come to you later and tell the truth.

If the child does not come and tell you, then you ask him in an indirect way

But don’t ask direct questions.

time out rule

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when children break a set rule or on which they have already been warned, then the time out rule comes in handy in this situation.

If the mistake happens once or twice, forgive it and also warn against repeating the mistake with it.

Motivate properly

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Some children like to eat sweets and some like to play with friends. You have to find out the likes of your child and motivate him. For example, if your child likes to watch a cartoon, ask him to let you watch his favorite cartoon once he finishes his homework on time. This gives the child the motivation to complete his work on time.

hollow threats

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Every parent sometimes makes such threats to their children, which they may never fulfill. If you tell your child every day that you will take his mobile back from him, then the child will get used to it and he will not take you seriously.

These are empty threats that have no effect on children. Explain well to the children what they may have to lose if they do not listen to you. This method will work more on older children and you will find it easier to keep children in discipline.


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