Lunar eclipse pregnancy effects : Last eclipse of the year can be dangerous for pregnant women? learn what to do


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In India as well as many other cultures, solar and lunar eclipses are considered bad omen for pregnant women. It is a belief that an eclipse can physically harm the unborn child. There is no scientific evidence for this, but civilizations have been believing this for centuries.
Earth lunar eclipse is going to happen on Friday, November 19, 2021. This lunar eclipse will also have its effect in the Pacific Ocean along with Western Europe, North America, South America, West Africa, Australia, Asia and the Atlantic Ocean. If you are also pregnant then you can protect yourself in this way.

stay indoors

It is believed that if pregnant women come in direct contact with the moon or sunlight during an eclipse, then it has a wrong effect on them. That’s why you try to stay indoors so that there is no confusion in your mind. Wherever you are, there is no effect of eclipse, then there is nothing to panic.

Solar eclipse can affect more

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If people in your family have such a perception and you do not agree with this, then still stay indoors for their satisfaction. After all it is only a matter of few hours. Lunar eclipse often occurs late at night, so it can be avoided. The most protection is needed during a solar eclipse as it falls during the day time.

What does science say?

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If you don’t stay indoors, it doesn’t mean that any harm can happen to your baby. Science does not accept such an assumption. But science has confirmed that the light emitted from the sun during a solar eclipse can be harmful to the eyes.

That’s why it is important to protect your eyes. It also does not mean that if you look at the sun, you will lose your eyesight. Just they can cause some damage to the eyes. So take care of your eyes. There is no problem in the eyes due to lunar eclipse.

keep these things in mind

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Everyone has a different belief about the eclipse, but generally everyone believes that during the eclipse, any kind of sharp-edged things like knife, scissors, needle etc. should not be used.

If possible, do not eat anything during this time. If possible, put curtains on the windows of the house from where the light comes in. Whatever food is prepared before the eclipse, it is also believed to be thrown out. After the eclipse it is said that we should take a bath.

it is also called

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According to religious beliefs, it is also said that one should not drink water as long as there is an eclipse. But if you are pregnant, then keep in mind that do not follow this belief for a very long time.

You may be dehydrated as well as not stay hungry for a long time. Especially if the eclipse is in summer. Due to being hungry for a long time, pregnant women may complain of dizziness, acidity and headache. If this happens, consult your doctor.

Pregnant women can keep themselves away from confusion by following some rules and can also follow the beliefs of their family. But at the same time take care of your health as well.


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