Madhuri Dixit Parenting Tips: Why was Madhuri scared of her son going to college, husband gave strong parenting tips


Arin, the elder son of Bollywood diva and popular actress Madhuri Dixit, has started his college life. Arin has left India to teach at a university in Southern California, away from his mother and father. In such a situation, Madhuri Dixit was very worried about the distance from the son and his self-reliant life.

What did Madhuri say?

In her video, Madhuri is saying that she and her husband Ram Nene were very upset about this independent life of son Arin. Like every mother, she was also worried about how her son would manage everything alone.

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Easy upbringing in India

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Madhuri told that in India, children are kept very protected. Here children live with their parents and the children get everything ready from food to clothes. But now his son will have to do all this himself and this is what is bothering him.

husband also taught

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While Madhuri was upset with her son’s departure, her husband Dr Nene gave Arin some tips on how to handle herself while living alone abroad.

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Doctor Nene gave tips

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Madhuri’s husband Dr Nene gave some tips to their son Arin on going alone to study abroad. Dr Nene taught the son some basic skills like shaving, keeping clothes properly, arriving on time to class, cleanliness, money management, fitness and food habits and what to do when he falls ill.

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lessons for parents

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Like Madhuri and Dr Ram Nene, millions of parents have to stay away from their children. In such a situation, there is bound to be tension of children. If your child is also going to study or work away from home, then you can also teach him some basic life skills like Dr. Nene. In this, you can teach him how to cook, wash clothes, fix his clothes, what medicine to take when he falls ill, etc.

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