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Technology may have made our lives easier, but it has caused a lot of damage to our health. In the office, we run the computer or laptop throughout the day, whose radiation spoils the health and the light of the screen has a bad effect on the eyes. After that we start using mobile and stick to it till the night before sleeping.
Even children are now addicted to mobiles. He enjoys watching cartoons, listening to songs on mobile and now in lockdown even school has come down to computers and smartphones. In such a situation, the use of mobile for children has increased a lot. In this case, everyone thinks that excessive use of mobile is bad for the health of children, but have you ever thought that if there is no mobile then what can be the harm?
Yes, everything has two sides and when there are disadvantages of using mobile, then there will definitely be some mobile benefits for students. Here we are telling you that if there was no mobile then what could be the harm for the children.

it’s a matter of safety

With the advent of mobiles, the safety of children has become very easy. Wherever children go out, parents can track their location. Mobile is very useful for helping children in an emergency.

If the child went to a party late at night and while coming from there, the car got damaged or it got late, then he can contact his parents with the help of mobile and get help.

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be alone at home

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Nowadays most of the parents are working and spend their whole day in the office. In such a situation, children live alone at home and at this time their companion and security guard is mobile. If they have any problem or if the house bell rings, they can immediately call and inform their parents about it.

can keep an eye

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Older children are intelligent and they can call and tell you about the situation, but younger children cannot. Mobile phones can also be useful for them. Nowadays many working mothers leave the baby with the nanny at home and keep CCTV cameras installed in the house. She keeps an eye on the child at home from the office itself by connecting this camera to her phone.

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is a source of entertainment

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When parents have some urgent work or have to go out of the house, they give phones to the children and put up a cartoon or show of their choice. With this, children are also entertained and parents are also able to do their work.

what is right

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Parents should understand that too much of anything is harmful and the same is true in the case of mobile. Control the use of mobile for you child.

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