Mother’s Instinct never goes empty, those who do not trust have to repent


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She comes to meet you only when she is free, your boyfriend is not like a friend at all, gave his clothes to friends.

Often our moms ask such questions about our friends or girlfriends/boyfriends, which sometimes we find irritating too.

Often, the habit of giving advice even when the mother’s questions and not needed, starts irritating and troubling the children. But if you look closely, you will find that she is worried about you, that is why she is asking you such questions. They show that they feel something wrong with your relationship and you are not ready to listen to them.

However, children learn a lot from this mother’s interference and unnecessary advice.

What do you learn

Mothers have a very keen eye and they understand very early what is right for their child and what is not. If you pay attention, you will find that they know long before you which of your friends is like and how far they will support you.

You may find their words bad and you start getting angry at them, but if you listen carefully to them, then it will be for your own good.

shared story

navbharat times

Delhi student Namrata shared her experience while talking about her mother’s instinct. He told that a friend of his in school had a habit of stealing. His mother had warned him a lot but he never believed it and then got hurt.

He stole my 42 thousand phone. After that I realized that my mother used to give me the right lessons and she was already aware of all this.

90 percent is right


This is just an anecdote, there are times in your life when you realize that your mother’s instinct was absolutely right and by not trusting her, you made a mistake. 9 out of 10 times what he said must have been true. So stop ignoring your mother’s advice because she knows you better than you.

Perhaps God has given such a magical power to mothers by which they know that their child is in trouble or which person can become a problem for them.

what is the role of mother

navbharat times

From the time we are born, right up to school or college, we learn many things from our parents. Mother is both our first teacher and friend, so it would be wrong to not trust her instincts or completely deny her.

You may not believe, but at least try to understand the situation by keeping their point in your mind. With this you will be able to understand things better.


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