Never ask these 5 questions to a friend suffering from infertility, friendship can break


Sometimes, even after having a good feeling, something comes out of our mouth that hurts the heart of the other person. When a person is already emotionally weak or is going through a difficult phase in life, then anything that comes out of your mouth can worsen the situation.

open your mouth

If any of your friends or family members are trying to get pregnant, then you should talk to them in such a way that their mind will be at ease. Here we are telling you some such things, which you should not say to women trying to conceive or struggling with infertility.

first question

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The person who is suffering from infertility is already struggling with many types of physical, emotional and mental challenges, so your questions can trouble his mind.

Do not ask such questions to such a person: Have you tried that herb? By drinking this syrup, you will be able to become a mother. Wearing this kind of underwear? Tried missionary sex position?

adopt baby

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By the way, adopting a child is good and it is a great way to increase your family. But you should also understand that adoption cannot take the place of biological children. Choosing the path of adoption is not easy for everyone.

gain or lose weight

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Your doctor may have already advised your friend regarding weight. Your intervention or advice in this is of no use to them. It may be that your advice hurts them or they may feel that you are happy in their trouble.

you can’t be a parent

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Maybe you are saying this to make them strong but it is very bitter. Such comments can make them feel that they are lacking.

it is very easy to be pregnant

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Not everything is easy for everyone. You may have got pregnant easily but this path is not easy for everyone. Don’t treat the other person like you.

Instead of advising or commenting on your friend, show that you really care about her. Ask them what they need and how you can help them.

important tip

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You should support the person suffering from such a problem. Listen to them and share their problems with them. Whatever they are sharing their point with you, do not tell it to anyone else.

In this way you can actually help your friend and they will like it too.

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