Omicron in children: Parents scared of Omicron must know these things, children will be safe


new variants of the virus

These mutations can be insignificant or significant so that the virus can behave as a new variant with different properties. Sometimes these mutations can make them less powerful than the original virus. Alpha and Delta came in the initial waves of Corona and now its Omicron variant has arrived.

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Are children more at risk?

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According to the doctor, in the last two waves of corona, children were not at high risk and only mild symptoms were seen in children compared to adults.

To avoid further lockdown, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of corona in social places. Right now no one knows much about Omicron, so it is important to take precautions.

By getting a vaccine, the possibility of a third wave can either be avoided or eliminated.

what to teach children

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Teach children the need to wear masks. Teach them how to wash their hands. Since Omicron is spread very fast through the air, do not take children to crowded places.

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need a vaccine

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According to the doctors, there is not much information available about Omicron at this time, so it is very important to be smart at this time. Vaccines are very important for children.

Even the recently introduced ZyCoV-D vaccine, which has been tested on children over the age of 12, will not be available to children until they are able to ramp up their production capacity. .

What to do when symptoms appear

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Along with taking precautions related to corona, seek medical help immediately if you see symptoms of infection. Also keep in mind that due to change in weather flu in children Cases increase, so do not panic too much. Treat any flu symptoms with the help of a doctor.

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