omicron virus in hindi: children are going to school in panic of omicron, learn from experts how can keep innocent safe


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Preparations have started for the opening of schools in India. Meanwhile, the Omicron virus has also knocked. In such a situation, parents are worried whether it will be safe to send their children to school in this environment or not.

If your child’s school has also opened, then you understand that the threat of virus is not over yet and there is still a need to take precautions. Before sending children to school, you should teach them some important rules and habits so that they remain safe and do not fall ill.

Before that, know about the Omicron virus and how children have to avoid falling prey to this dangerous virus. If you teach the child the rules related to avoiding the virus and taking precautions, then it will help a lot.

Next we are telling you what is Omicron virus and how school going children can be protected from it.

what is omicron

The World Health Organization has talked about the arrival of a new variant of Corona, which has been named Omicron. The first case of this variant was reported in South Africa but has now spread to Australia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, UK, Hong Kong, Botswana and Belgium.

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What is the expert opinion

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A lot of time has passed since the education of the children was taken a break and now it is necessary to open the school. In such a situation, regarding the safety of children, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that it can be difficult to strictly adhere to physical distance for studies, social and emotional learning.

what to change

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The following precautions can be taken to avoid the spread of the virus in the school:

  • There is no locker facility in the school and children should not sit in groups.
  • Instead of having lunch sitting in class, use outdoor places.
  • Fewer children should be accommodated in the school bus.
  • There should be enough distance between the desks.

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what are the guidelines

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Experts also believe that it is more beneficial for children to study while sitting in the classroom. The Center for Disease Control had issued some guidelines for children to stay safe in school, which are as follows:

  • Teachers and staff should be vaccinated.
  • There should be social distancing in classes, halls, canteens and buses.
  • Hand sanitizer should be readily available.
  • The places where more hands are involved, they should be sanitized frequently.
  • Sick children should be allowed to stay at home.

what parents do

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It can be a bit stressful for children to go to school after such a long time. Parents should pay attention to this. Apart from this, talk to the teacher of the child and ask him about the rules going on in the school to avoid the virus.

Explain to children that they have to maintain physical distance from their friends and must wash hands or use sanitizer after touching anything.

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