On hearing the name of Maths, you get sweaty, is your child suffering from Maths Anxiety?


Mathematics means maths, this is a subject which is beyond the understanding of many children. Some children are fast in maths but some remain weak in this subject and even after lakhs of attempts, they are unable to understand the maths questions.

When a subject becomes incomprehensible to the children, they start getting anxious about it, same is the case with maths. Maths is a subject that becomes a problem for most of the children and due to this they can have anxiety which is called ‘Maths Anxiety’.

Let us know how maths anxiety can be recognized in children and how you can help children get out of it.

understand the signs

Getting a bad number in maths clearly tells that the child has a problem in this subject or he is not interested in it. When something disturbs you mentally, it also has an emotional effect. Getting angry before a maths test can be a symptom of maths anxiety.

what is maths anxiety

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Many children feel stressed about maths test which is absolutely normal but getting anxious about it is a big deal. Children suffering from this start feeling restless even while doing maths class or homework.

When these children are compared with other children, their anxiety may increase further. Due to this, the child hesitates to go to school and he starts getting scared even to do homework. About three to five percent of children have maths anxiety in school.

How to Recognize Maths Anxiety

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  • You can see maths anxiety in a child in the form of restlessness (nervousness). In this there is a problem of increased heart rate, sweating, clammy hands, upset stomach and dizziness. These are all symptoms of an anxiety attack.
  • Many times children assume that they cannot do anything about this subject and it is completely beyond their understanding. It’s better for them to leave it.

how to remove maths anxiety

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To overcome this anxiety in children, you must include this subject in their routine. Give them some addition, subtraction and multiplication questions every day. Get the amount of items in the kitchen or the bill of the grocery paid-deducted.

To overcome maths anxiety, you can ask children to solve some maths problems but the method should be fun. There are double shutter, monopoly and many such number centric games which kids enjoy playing.

Change your Attitude first

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Children first learn from their parents. If you keep your attitude negative regarding maths, then the child will also learn the same. Do not say in front of the child that maths is a difficult subject or do not say anything negative about it.

It is necessary to practice maths daily. Do such topics which have already been done in class. Help the child solve them.


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