One month old baby starts doing all this, every parent must know


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Physical development

One month old baby starts to bring his hands near the eyes and mouth. He can rotate his neck when lying on his stomach. If there is no support, the child may raise his head backwards. A one month old baby can clench a fist. The reflex movements of the child start.

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touch and smell

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Such a large baby can recognize the scent of mother’s milk. He begins to recognize soft and rough things. Baby likes soft and soft things. The child dislikes acidic and sour smells. Baby likes sweet scent.

hearing and sight

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You may start to notice some changes in your one month old’s hearing and vision, such as:

  • From where the sound is coming, the child turns his head towards that side.
  • Recognizes the voice of his parents.
  • The baby starts blinking when you clap.
  • Reacts differently to songs and poems.
  • He gets to know the difference between black and white.
  • Baby can focus on objects placed 12 meters away.

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when to worry

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If a one month old baby is not able to do the following tasks according to his age, then you should show him to the doctor.

  • Inability to suck the breasts properly while breastfeeding
  • Constant tremor of the lower jaw.
  • Not responding to different sounds.
  • not responding to bright light
  • Loosening of hands and feet.
  • Unable to see nearby things.

How to help parents

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Take your baby to parks, museums and colorful places. Show him different things. Tell the child different sounds. In this you can also take help of cartoon characters.

You understand when your baby is feeling tired and when he needs to rest.

Be aware of the signs your baby gives when he is hungry, sleepy, and irritable. Talk in front of the baby, sing a song and read out stories.

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