Only after this age, children should get a separate room, parents’ privacy and love is not disturbed


What is the opinion of celebrity nutritionist

Celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho recently shared some information talking about this on his Instagram. He says that every child is different and it is normal for children to have a desire to sleep with their parents.

In foreign countries, it is customary to sleep in a separate waist to make children self-sufficient. However, it is not necessarily the same in India. The child needs love and protection and it is the responsibility of the parents to fulfill it. In short words, there is no age to give a separate room to children.

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At what age do people sleep alone

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Luke says that it is not right to adopt the notion of segregating children abroad. When your child is ready for a separate room but still indicating the desire to sleep with you, you should not ignore it. If you throw your child out of the room without his or her will, it can make him feel bad and feel insecure.

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Sleeping with is more beneficial

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Experts in this case say that children who stay with their parents for a long time have a feeling of security and become more self-reliant. Nowadays many people are struggling with fear and insecurity, the root of which is hidden in their childhood.

When a child is disturbed in school, children feel safe by placing their head in the lap of their parents. Therefore, until the child asks to shift to a separate room, do not give him a separate room.

Parents themselves realize when their child needs a separate room. Instead of immediately leaving the child in a separate room, slowly get him used to this change.

What does the study say

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The study, published in the Pediatric Respiratory Review, revealed that infants sleeping with parents reduce the risk of sedentary infant death syndrome. McKenna, a professor of anthropology at Notre Damme University, says sleeping with her parents keeps a child’s breathing pattern healthy.

If the baby’s breathing slows down, the CO2 released by the mother acts as a backup for the baby. Simply put, the nasal area of ​​the baby near CO2 works more well.

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