Parents abuse their children, its damage can be terrible, you will be afraid to hear


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Just imagine, you are a child and you are being scolded or threatened (verbal abuse meaning) for every small mistake. how would you feel? sad or embarrassed? At the same time, this fear will also start sitting in your mind that if you make a mistake now, then you will be scolded again.
Children are most prone to verbal assault and receive the least attention. Most of the time, it is hidden by calling it a part of discipline or strict love. Because of this, children are badly affected.
There are many disadvantages of talking inappropriately with children, scolding them on talk and abusing them. If this matter is not taken into account and children are treated like this for a long time, then it has a very bad effect on the children.
Here we are telling you about some side effects of verbal abuse with children. If this kind of behavior is being done with children in or around your house, then try to stop it immediately or else it may have to pay a big brunt.

think about it

Any kind of wrong behavior with children can spoil their whole life, so whatever you do, do it very carefully.

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impact on health

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Due to depression, a person starts overeating or stops eating together to keep himself calm or satisfied. This affects the overall development of the child and also affects the development of his bones, muscles and vital organs. Because of this, the child becomes weak with time.

lack of confidence

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Confidence is very important to move ahead and be successful in life. Failure to do so can fill a person with frustration and depression.

Confidence is reduced due to fear in children with whom they are not spoken properly.

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gets addicted

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The urge to get something or reach our goal often helps us to keep away from alcohol or drugs etc. Just as when you are sad or depressed, you start eating more, similarly such situations also push you towards addiction to something.

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what to do

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We all know that any form of exploitation, maltreatment and abuse is not right behavior and children should not be treated like this at all. This not only breaks the morale of the children but also affects their development.

Bullying or abusing children to keep them in discipline is not the right way of parenting.

If you do something like this, then stop today or else not only your child but the whole family will have to bear the brunt of it.


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