Parents should not make these mistakes in the upbringing of 6 to 9 year old children, they will regret a lot


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lunch time

It is normal for children to have sudden changes in their eating habits and appetite. You have to try to include as many healthy things as possible in the baby’s diet at this time.

You feed him milk, curd, vegetables and cheese etc. and keep away from junk food. However, do not force feed the baby and let him enjoy his food.

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explain your safety

navbharat times

Children of this age are the most evil, so they are also at the highest risk of getting into an accident. Therefore, at this time children should be taught about their own safety.

Teach the child to cross the road and if a stranger comes and talks to him, then teach him how to talk to him.

screen time limit

navbharat times

Nowadays, different types of technology have come for children, but children should use them only under the supervision of parents. There are also some disadvantages of gadgets like TV, smartphone and tablet for children, so they should not be allowed to use these things for a long time.

The use of gadgets makes the child lazy and angry. So make a limit of screen time for the child. Instead, get him to do some creative work.

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Physical activity is essential

navbharat times

Ask children to do physical activity such as running or play a sport for at least one hour a day. Outdoor games are very beneficial for children. This helps in increasing the height of the children and also strengthens the muscles.

focus on studies

navbharat times

At this age, children have already started studying, so parents should also pay attention to their studies. The child will also not know much about studies and homework, so he will need your help.

You can also get him tutoring. This will help him a lot in understanding his studies.


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