Poisoning of copper utensils can become poison in pregnancy, know before drinking there is benefit or harm


Can you drink water in a copper vessel

Yes, pregnant women can drink water filled in a copper vessel, but very little research has been done on this matter, so it is difficult to say completely that it is safe for pregnant women to drink water in copper.

Plating of copper utensils can be done to prevent it from rusting. It is possible that due to this plating, the water does not reach the copper metal, in such a situation, you will not be able to get the benefits of drinking water by filling it in the copper vessel and the quality of the water will also be affected.

Before buying copper utensils, also know about any other metals and chemicals used in it.

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Benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel in pregnancy

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Pregnant women get many benefits by drinking water filled in a copper vessel, such as:

  • Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that help to remove indigestion, gas and acidity in pregnancy.
  • Copper has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so that minor wounds on the body can be healed quickly.
  • Copper can strengthen the immune system, which can provide protection to the pregnant woman against colds and other diseases. Water filled with this metal allows the thyroid gland to function properly.
  • Drinking water filled in a copper vessel helps the body absorb iron. This may prevent anemia occurring in pregnancy.
  • Copper is believed to clean water. Therefore, it protects against waterborne diseases such as cholera, salmonella and hepatitis 1 in pregnant women.

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Why is copper important in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there is an increased need for blood supply to the baby / copper can help in the development of red blood cells and energy for the cells. This nutritional element is necessary for the development of organs and tissues of the fetus.

This helps in the development of the baby’s skin, hair and tendons. A lack of copper during pregnancy can weaken the production of collagen, which can cause difficulties in pregnancy.

Low levels of copper in pregnancy can have a negative impact on the development of the infant’s brain. Pregnant women need 1 mg of copper daily. Copper deficiency in pregnancy can cause diarrhea, hair loss, swelling, and fatigue.

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