Premature baby appearance: what does premature baby look like


how does a premature baby look

A baby born after nine months of pregnancy is called a full term baby. Premature baby looks different than full term baby. The look and shape of these children depends on how soon they are born.

A child born in the 36th to 37th week of pregnancy is slightly younger than a full term baby. But if the child is born before the 24th week, then its size will be very small. These babies are very delicate and their skin is very thin and the eyelids may still be closed.

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Development of bones of premature baby

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It is not necessary that the bones of every premature baby are fully developed.

During the last months of pregnancy, a variety of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, are needed from the mother to the child. This helps the full term baby to grow and strengthen bones. But the premature baby does not get these essential minerals in the womb.

Often, more mineral is released in the urine of premature baby than full term baby. In the last months of pregnancy, full term babies stretch and flex the muscles in the womb, which also helps in the development of bones that the premature baby does not get. It takes some time for the bones of a premature baby to grow and become strong.

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Premature baby skin

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The premature baby’s skin may not develop fully after birth. Later it can develop rapidly. Skin performs two important functions. This makes the baby feel the temperature and touch. It also protects some tissues and organs of the body. The baby’s ability to feel touch and temperature in the beginning may be slightly lower than that of a full-term baby.

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How to take care of premature baby

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The NICU of every hospital has a different procedure to take care of delicate skin of premature baby. For example, oil or cream can be applied in the NICU if the baby has very dry skin.

How to take care of your premature baby’s skin at home:

  • Dress the baby in soft cotton clothes.
  • Do not apply anything to your baby’s skin without talking to your doctor.
  • Ask the doctor or nurse how you can touch your baby.


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