Signs of girl or boy: Will there be a son or a daughter? Expert told the truth of identifying a boy or a girl in famous ways


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Some people want a son, some want a daughter. Although, it is not in our hands to produce a son or daughter in any way, but still there is some confusion among women about this or say that the beliefs are spread. Yes, it is said or believed that the chances of having a son or daughter can be increased by certain methods or situations. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove these methods to be true, so it is very difficult to believe them.

If you are also pregnant and thinking that you will have a son or daughter or you want to conceive and are wondering how you can have a boy or a girl, then let us tell you that there are some beliefs prevalent among women regarding this. We are telling you about some of these here but keep in mind that there is no scientific evidence for them.

son will be born According to an article published in, the chances of having a boy can increase in the following situations:

  • Having sex on the day of ovulation.
  • If you reach orgasm before partner, because it releases alkaline fluid. It is believed that it is more sperm friendly than the natural acidity of the vagina.
  • Penis going inside during sex.
  • Partner’s sperm count is high.

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signs of having a son

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Apart from this, in many other situations it is said that a boy is born:

  • Not having sex a week before ovulation and then having sex once directly on the day of ovulation. This keeps the sperm count high.
  • having sex at night.

being a son

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The partner’s sexual part remains cold. Eating salty things, eating meat-fish, flour, pasta and some vegetables with fresh fruits but not taking milk and dairy products like yogurt and curd, eating nuts, chocolate etc. High calorie intake in food.

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when is a daughter

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Similarly, the chances of having a daughter can also increase in some situations:

  • Having sex a few days before ovulation.
  • When your partner reaches orgasm before you.
  • Having sex frequently.
  • By not going deep inside the penis.
  • When you stop using contraception four to five days before ovulation.

what do doctors say

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Gynecologist Dr. Archana Narula says that we will have a son or daughter or twins, none of these things we can choose ourselves. Whether it will be a boy or a girl, it depends on the chromosomes passed from the matching partner to the woman’s body and having twins is mostly genetic.

Some fertility treatments also increase the chances of having twins. Doctor Narula says that there is no such food or sex position, so the boy or girl can conceive, so do not fall under any such confusion.

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