Single child benefits: There are so many qualities in a single child, that people start burning.


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Nowadays it has become like a trend to have only one child. There is also a desire for a child so that the child can be well taken care of. In the same way, a new term has emerged in medical ‘Only Child Syndrome’ which means some problems caused by only children.

In fact, lonely children who do not have siblings are a bit stubborn. There is also a lack of things like love and empathy in some children. In this article, we will try to know how single children are different from others.

not social

Mostly it has been seen that children who do not have siblings do not have the habit of sharing anything and they are not very social. It also does not mean that he is completely cut off from social life.

They have friends but few in comparison to others. Sometimes this habit also depends on the nature of the children. Many children can be very friendly and social even when they are alone.

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Such children can be a bit ambitious. At times their ambitions can be a little higher than others. It has also been seen that such children want full attention of their parents. They are serious about their achievements and try to take advantage of everything in life. They don’t settle on anything in a hurry.

self reliant

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Single children are independent as there is no one other than the parents to take care of them. That’s why this habit starts coming in them gradually. Along with this, they have the ability to explain themselves for every adverse situation. This habit of theirs increases with time and as they grow up they become very self dependent.

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full of confidence

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Single children are more confident than children who grow up with siblings. With increasing age, the habit of being alone increases as well as their stubbornness. His stubbornness can also turn into confidence.

IQ level


It has been seen that the IQ level of children living alone is very high. They are very smart and intelligent because while living alone they spend most of their time studying or learning something.

It has also been seen that such children are mostly creative as they spend most of their time thinking deeply about something. This increases their creativity.

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don’t listen to anyone

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Children living alone without siblings do not agree on anything quickly. They have their own thoughts and beliefs. He sticks to that. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get them to agree on something.


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