Sleep deprivation in parents: After having a child, more than sex and money, new parents want this thing


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It is known to all that after having a child, the sleep of the parents goes away. Especially in the first few months, it is common to wake up all night to take care of the child, due to which sleeplessness is common.
A survey conducted by Babycenter and Dr. Harvey Karp a few years ago found that after having a baby, parents find sleep deprivation effects on health more important than sex, money and ‘me time’.
According to this survey, 62% of parents lacked sleep, 48% lacked time, 34% lacked money and 26% had sex. This shows that after becoming parents, couples start feeling more important sleep than taking time for themselves or sex.
If you are also a new parent, then you will agree that sleep is the most affected after the arrival of the baby. Sometimes you have to get up at night to change the baby’s nappy and sometimes to feed him. In this vertigo, sleep is repeatedly broken, due to which irritability and stress increase.

how much sleep do parents get

In general, parents get 5.7 hours of sleep a night and more than three quarters of people are unable to sleep even a full 8 hours in a month. Because of this 78% people feel tired. According to this survey, both the partners have equal fatigue. This shows that both are equally cooperating in the care of the child.

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Parents are partners now

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This survey not only shows that getting enough sleep after becoming a parent becomes a dream, but it has also come to the fore that now both mother and father contribute together in raising children, which is a very good thing.

sleeping tips

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If you are also struggling with the problem of getting less sleep like other parents, then by making some minor changes, you can reduce this problem to some extent.

For this, you should do a sensible thing that when your child sleeps, you also take a nap immediately. If the phone rings or there is work in the kitchen, then ignore all that and complete sleep.

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create a sleep routine

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After an age, it is necessary to make a sleep routine for the baby too. Try to create a sleep routine for your baby. Try turning off the lights at night and explaining that it is time to sleep.


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You can also massage the baby to make him sleep at night. This also helps in falling asleep.


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