Teach children to dress themselves like this, a lot of time and energy will be saved


It is the responsibility of the parents to teach good habits to the children. If your child has become intelligent, now you should teach him to dress himself. This will also make the children responsible and you will also save a lot of time and energy.

Here we are giving you some tips on how to dress your kids by yourself.

elastic pants

Young children cannot wear jeans and side buttoned pants by themselves. In such a situation, you should take elastic pants for them at this time. Elastic pants that are not too tight at the waist, children will be able to wear them easily. After trying slowly, the habit of wearing jeans can also be put in them.

Ask them to sit while getting dressed

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Ask the children to sit down and put on clothes. Along with clothes, if you are wearing shoes, socks or any kind of bottom, then also ask to wear it while sitting. This will make it easier for children to wear clothes.

teach arm push

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The biggest problem with small children wearing a shirt or t-shirt is that they are not able to put their arm in the sleeve. They may need your help to do this.

You ask the children to push the arm off the sleeve. When children gradually understand this technique, it will not be difficult for them to wear a shirt or t-shirt. Later on, you can also inculcate the habit of wearing them with buttoned shirts.

to put buttons

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Encourage children to wear buttoned dresses on their own. It may be that they may make some mistakes at first, it may also be that they do not put the same buttons.

Buttons can be up and down too, but gradually with effort, children will also learn to wear buttoned dresses. Involve the kids for this. You will see that children are slowly learning this too.

put clothes away

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Do not keep too many options in children’s wardrobe, in such a situation children can get confused and their learning habits may also decrease. You need to keep the clothes for the baby in the front that are easy to wear.

Keep an option for them like t-shirts and shirts without buttons as well as pants or pajamas without buttons so that the children try to wear their clothes by removing their clothes from the cupboard on their own.

Teach the difference between front and back

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Teach your child to distinguish between the front and back of the fabric. For this you can tell that the part where the label is located will be the back. Where the button is, it will be next. This way he will be able to easily understand the back and front of any shirt. Like the front back, try to explain to the children upside down and straight.


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