The child gets angry on the fight, parents should do this work soon or else you will regret it a lot.


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Often there is a fight between brothers and sisters over small things. Their wickedness keeps the house glowing, while there sometimes problems also increase. Fighting between children is common at any age and sometimes children even kill each other while fighting. Despite keeping children in discipline, this type of behavior comes in them.

Sometimes anger and sometimes there is a fight when siblings (brother or sister) take something of their choice. It takes a good class of parents to solve this fight. They not only have to explain to the children but also have to teach them to keep away from the beatings.

In this way children can try to speak their mind. This can be a part of their development.

By biting, punching or showing tantrums, children can try to show their sadness and anger through all this. If your child is also adopting this kind of behavior, then you should try to stop or explain to him.

take care soon

Keep an eye on your child’s behavior. Whenever you feel something is wrong, explain it immediately. Taking any action early can prevent this bad habit from growing. When you think your child is about to kill someone, come to the rescue immediately.

wrong action

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Children do not know right and wrong. Tell him that it is not good to kill someone. If you explain to the child in advance, then perhaps he will get a chance to understand his feelings. This way children will be able to understand what to do when something is not of their own accord.

talk straight

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You sit the child in front of you and ask him what is the problem with him. This strengthens the bond between the child and the parent. If the child is being bullied in school or someone is assaulting him or doing something wrong, then by talking to him you can know his problem.

punishment for breaking the rules

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Parents make rules for their children, but it is very difficult to get their children to agree to them. If your child is also the one who runs away from the name of the rules, then you start punishing him for breaking the rules. This will make the child responsible and may have a tendency to behave well.

Suppose if your child does not stop beating others or his siblings, then you take away something or a facility that he likes. But when he does something good, praise him too.


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