The child gives up food as soon as the phone is snatched, how to feed such children, take the right food on time


Why do children not eat because of the phone?

Many children have a bad habit that they do not eat food without TV or phone. At the same time, watching the screen at meal time distracts the child from the food and may eat more or less. At the same time, due to TV and tablet, children are not able to inculcate the habit of eating food themselves. Keep in mind that spending more time on the screen will only cause problems for the child.

You can follow the steps mentioned here to separate the screen time and mealtime for the child.

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keep a strict mealtime

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To reduce your reliance on gadgets while eating, set a timer to finish the meal. This will not distract the attention of the children and will inculcate the habit of eating food at the right time.

Instead of running after the child, you give him a time limit for the meal and ask him to follow it continuously.

Gradually reduce screentime

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Do not immediately remove the child from the TV, tablet or phone, but gradually try to keep him away from it. Tell the child that he has to stay away from the screen while eating food for some time. The sooner the child gets into this habit, the sooner he will become healthy and the drama of showing tantrums while eating food will be less.

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distraction while eating

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At the time of eating, gadgets not only distract attention, but there are many other things that distract the attention of the child. At the time of eating, keep all kinds of distractions away from the child. Do not keep books or digital games around at this time.

The child should not have any device with him at meal time. The child’s full attention should be on the food. You can give him a toy at this time so that at least he doesn’t miss the gadgets.

teach family rituals

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There should be a habit of eating food together in the family. At least once a day, sit down and eat food with the whole family. Everyone’s schedule is different in the family, but you can eat one meal at a time.

When the whole family is sitting together, the child will not need gadgets for entertainment. He will be busy with the conversation with the family.

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