The child is crying due to less milk coming in the breast, drink a cup every day, mother and child will be troubled


In the matter of food, precaution has to be taken not only in the nine months of pregnancy but also after delivery. Mother’s milk is the food of nutrition for the baby for 6 months after delivery, so women have to take care of their diet even at this time.
Some women complain of less milk in the breast after becoming a mother. Because of this, their baby does not get complete nutrition and he remains hungry. It is a big deal for such a small child to be hungry and not get nutrition. By including things that increase milk production in your diet, you can reduce this problem.
If you are also facing the problem of low breast milk after becoming a mother, then Ayurveda can help you in this. Here we are telling you about some such Ayurvedic remedies, which can prove to be helpful in increasing breast milk.
If you are facing the problem of getting less breast milk, then with the help of the recipe mentioned here, you can solve your problem.

ways to increase breast milk

For this, you need a spoon of sesame seeds and half a cup of almond milk. Taking this Ayurvedic remedy daily can work to increase milk in new mothers.

In this way the nutritional needs of the baby will also be met.

What to do to increase breast milk

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To prepare this recipe of increasing milk, put both the things in a blender. Blend it well and then pour it in a cup.

You have to drink it every morning after breakfast for two months. This will start producing more milk in your breast.

benefits of sesame seeds

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Sesame seeds are rich in calcium. Calcium stimulates the milk ducts in the breast and helps in producing more milk. It has also been said in an article published in that the foods that increase breast milk include sesame seeds and almonds.

benefits of almond milk

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Almond milk also contains calcium and protein which can increase milk production in new mothers.

ayurvedic doctor’s opinion

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Ayurvedic doctor Sharad Kulkarni also says that calcium is found in mustard seeds and phytoestrogens are also found which work to increase breast milk. Doctors say that you can take it by pouring it over any dish, making sesame ladoos. Taking sesame with milk is more beneficial.


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