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As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your children through the ups and downs in their lives. Admittedly, it is not always the child’s fault, but circumstances force them to behave in this way. So it is better that you guide your child with patience.

So let us know that if the growing child disrespects you or anyone else, then what is the reason and what can you do in this situation.

home environment

The home environment has a great impact on the behavior of children. If there are fights between family members or parents in the house every day, then it is harmful for the children. Due to these confusing circumstances, he may not treat you with respect.

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lack of parental love

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This is one of the main reasons why a growing child behaves disrespectfully towards others. As a parent, you have a lot of responsibility, but due to this many times you swallow your child.

In such a situation, he cannot get that love from you at that time, which he needs now. If children have abusive behavior towards you or someone else because of lack of love, then parents should pay attention to it.

something old

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Your child may have faced something in the past that has been bothering him. That’s why he doesn’t respect anyone anymore. Growing up children learn how to behave from their friends and family. If you yourself behave abusively towards others in unpleasant situations, there is every chance that the child will behave the same way.

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bad company of friends

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When you grow up you make friends very easily. They like to share everything with their friends at this age. But a bad friend circle can force the child to do wrong things. Therefore, it is your responsibility to know what the friend circle of the child is like.

bad influence

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As the child grows, he begins to understand things. Children at this age get confused very quickly. It is very likely that someone has been a bad influence on your grown up child. It could also be that someone close to you has pressured him to get away from you.

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what parents do

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How to deal with a child when he misbehaves

  • Explain to your child the value of the people associated with him.
  • Listen and understand his problem.
  • Keep the atmosphere of the house happy.
  • Take the help of the therapist for such behavior of the child.
  • Spend quality time with children.
  • If you want to get respect, then start giving respect to the children too.
  • Be patient and never compare your child with any other child.
  • Respect their feelings and don’t hold back from praising them.


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