The child was bitten by the dog, do this work immediately after first aid or else it may die


Sometimes street dogs get bitten due to slight carelessness and such accidents are more with children. We have more cases of dog bites because there are more stray dogs roaming the streets.

Children are very afraid of dogs and the treatment required after dog bites, so it is very important for parents to keep their children away from dogs.

what to do if a dog bites

If the child has been bitten by a dog but no marks are visible on his skin, then there is no need to show the doctor. However, if after first aid you must see a doctor once.

What to do in case of a domestic dog bite

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  • Clean the bleeding with a clean towel. At this time, clean the bleeding by applying light pressure on the wound.
  • Now clean the affected area with the help of soap or antiseptic and water and then put that area under running water.
  • After this, dry it comfortably with a cotton cloth and apply antibiotic ointment.
  • Don’t have a bandage on it.

what is the treatment

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After first aid, you must see the doctor so that there is no further complication. The doctor may give the child a tetanus injection, antirabies vaccine, and if needed, anti-rabies immunoglobulin. It depends on the injury caused by the dog bite. The rabies vaccine schedule is 0, 3, 7, 14 and 30 days.

risks associated with rabies

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Cases of dog bites are very high in India. The child or anyone should start treatment immediately after a dog bite and he should also keep an eye on the dog for 10 days.

how to defend

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With the help of some simple tips, you can protect your child from dog bites and attacks:

  • When choosing a pet dog, keep in mind its breed. Choose a stomach that is calm in nature.
  • Do not leave the child alone around the dog.
  • Do not take the child too close to the dog.
  • Teach your child how to deal with more angry dogs. If the dog seems unfriendly, stand quietly.

Teach the child things from

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To avoid dog bites, you also have to teach your child some things, such as:

  • Tell the child not to tease the dog with his toy or anything.
  • Dogs should not be teased while sleeping or eating.
  • Ask to stay away from street dogs. Ask the child to adopt a gentle behavior towards the dog.
  • Teach the child that he should not unnecessarily tease or get close to a pet dog or a stray dog.


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