The height of a 19-month-old child is to be increased, so keep such a diet from morning till night throughout the week


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Every month the baby develops and his needs regarding food and nutrients also keep on changing. In such a situation, you should try to include all kinds of nutrients in the diet of your 19-month-old baby.

You can cook tasty and healthy food for the child every day with the help of different things. Here we are telling you what should be the diet chart of a 19-month-old baby for a week.

monday diet chart

In the morning breakfast, feed milk with ragi, oats and banana pancakes. After some time drink coconut water and feed it after taking out its cream.

In lunch, the child is to be fed roti, lentils, vegetables, cucumbers and a handful of rice. In the evening, give milk to drink with puffed rice. In dinner, give thalipeeth and buttermilk with white butter.

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tuesday dinner

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On this day, feed curd with Pongal in breakfast. After some time fruit custard is to be fed. In lunch, the child has to feed multigrain roti, lentils, vegetables, boiled carrots and curd rice.

In the evening, feed the baby roasted poha with milk. In the dinner, give coriander and tomato soup with cheese cutlets to drink.

Wednesday meal chart

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In breakfast, give milk to drink with home-made ragi cake. Feed grapes after a while. Feed the baby grapes cut in half or else the grains of grapes can get stuck in his throat.

In lunch, give a handful of rice to the child along with roti, lentils, vegetables and cucumber.

In the evening, feed plain khakhra with curd. You can feed Rajma rice in dinner.

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thursday diet

navbharat times

On this day, give the child a milkshake of date tomato chutney and chikoo with paneer paratha for breakfast. After some time, give papaya to the child to eat.

For lunch, have pumpkin soup with potato casserole. In the evening, grate cheese on mashed potatoes and give them to eat.

At night, eat curd and coconut chutney with apples in dinner.

friday meal

navbharat times

In breakfast, give boiled eggs or paneer laddoos to the child to drink fig milk shake. After a while, give the chikoo to eat. In lunch, eat multigrain roti, lentils, vegetables, boiled beetroot and a handful of rice.

Feed milk with two to three homemade cookies in the evening. For dinner, serve jowar with tofu bhurji and carrot raira with wheat roti.

saturday food chart

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Feed a 19-month-old baby in the morning breakfast by adding almond powder to semolina kheer. After some time feed him watermelon. In lunch, feed the child with gram flour and fenugreek paratha and serve carrot and spinach raita with it.

Give banana milkshake to drink in the evening and drink tomato soup with paneer paratha for dinner at night.

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sunday meal

navbharat times

Today, feed your child for breakfast by adding raisin paste and walnut powder to the porridge. After some time, give the child an apple to eat.

In lunch, feed roti, lentils, vegetables, tomatoes and a handful of rice. In the evening, give milk with Rajgira Chikki. In dinner, feed roti, lentils, vegetables, cucumber and a handful of rice.


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